TAE EVO LWT - Chillere de proces răcite cu aer cu compresoare de tip scroll – R449A logo
TAE EVO LWT - Chillere de proces răcite cu aer cu compresoare de tip scroll – R449A

Chillere de proces răcite cu aer cu compresoare de tip scroll – R449A.

Capacitatea nominală de racire 4,5 – 52,5 kW

High performances, low temperatures

The TAEevo LWT is a specific range designed for process applications with low temperature of the glycolate fluid (up to -24 °C).

If equipped with integrated pump, simplifies the installation operations and ensures a compact system. The innovative evaporator-in tank configuration ensures reduced ambient heat gain
and a steady temperature of the process fluids.

The use of components sourced from premium manufacturers and extensive factory testing of all units make for highest reliability levels, minimising the risks of unplanned stoppages and
increasing productivity levels.

An extensive range of accessories, allow TAEevo LWT to be personalised to cover a wide variety of industrial applications.


  • The unique evaporator-in-tank configuration has been specifically designed for process cooling applications. It allows to optimize the heat exchange and minimize the pressure drops also with contaminated process fluids;
  • Extended operating limits: Tw in max = 0 °C; Tw out min = -24 °C; Tamb max = +42 °C; Tamb min = -5 °C;
  • All the TAEevo LWT models already meet the limits set by the Tier 2 of ErP regulation for medium temperature process chillers (SEPR MT – 07/2018);
  • The oversized hydraulic tank is standard and is able to compensate for the imbalances caused by sudden changes in load demand from the user;
  • IP54 electrical protection rate makes TAEevo LWT suitable for outdoor installation;
  • Extensive range of accessories and kits, allow each unit to match the specific customer requirements;
  • Cooling circuit suitable both for atmospheric and pressurized hydraulic circuits (up to 6 barg).


  • Hydraulic circuit configurations: SP (without pump) and P3 pump (3 barg – optional);
  • Version with painted fins against corrosion;
  • Non Ferrous option.


  • Manual filling tank kit: suitable for hydraulic circuits at atmospheric pressure;
  • Remote ON/OFF kit and remote control kit (max 150 m);
  • Remote control kit VICX620 display LED, VGI890 display LCD (max 150 m);
  • Adapter kit for remote control VICX620 and VGI890 (necessary for mod. 381-802);
  • Supervisor kits: RS485 ModBus, xWEB300D EVO;
  • Modularity kit: up to 5 units in MASTER/SLAVE.

Standard features

  • Refrigerant R449A;
  • Hermetic Scroll compressors;
  • Electronic expansion valve;
  • High-efficiency finned coil evaporator with copper tubes and aluminum fins, installed inside the water storage tank;
  • Axial fans with die-cast aluminum/plastic crescent-shaped blades. The fans speed is electronically regulated (phase cut-off regulation);
  • Air-cooled condensers (copper tubes /aluminium fins). Air filter standard;
  • Storage tank (design pressure 6 barg) complete with filling/drain valves;
  • Internal hydraulic bypass between the inlet and outlet connections;
  • Electronic level sensor with water conductivity function;
  • High and low refrigerant pressure switches;
  • Refrigerant pressure gauges;
  • Parametric microprocessor control IC208CX;
  • Electrical board protection rating: IP54;
  • Phase monitor;
  • Compressor crankcase heater.


  • Version for low environmental temperature -20 °C.

Caracteristici tehnice

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