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Tae N mini Chillere industriale răcite cu aer

Chillere industriale răcite cu aer.

The natural choice for industry
and our planet

Modern industries require technical solutions which ensure increased productivity, high precision, elevated product quality, reduced overall system costs and high environmental awareness. TAE N Mini liquid chillers are designed specifically for industry, combining environmentally friendly natural refrigerant R290 and
Eurovent certified performance. The innovative evaporator-in-tank configuration offers unique
benefits to industrial users, maintaining fail-safe operation in all applications and conditions.
TAE N Mini is compact and easy to use and maintain; meticulous attention to every detail assures high reliability even in harsh environments, with minimum downtimes. Extended operating limits ensure TAE N Mini always operates under even the most adverse and deviating conditions, allowing optimum operation at all times. TAE N Mini: natural, ecological, industrial.


Industrial chillers are required to operate faultlessly 24/7 under highly differing, and abruptly fluctuating, operating conditions; these conditions differ notably from one application to another, but the chiller must always maintain accurate temperature control.

Industry features rigorous environments, dirty process water and testing schedules; even a short period of imperfect operation, let stand a chiller shut-down, can cause disruptions, and damaged goods, which can cost even millions a day. Industrial process chillers improve production, accelerate manufacturing cycles, increase product quality and reduce wastages.

The cost of an industrial chiller is irrelevant compared with the
potential cost if it does not always work perfectly. Industry requires purpose-built chillers, MTA offers the benchmark industrial chiller.

R290: The Natural choice for the future

NATURAL > R290 is a totally natural refrigerant.

ECOLOGICAL > With a GWP of only 3 and an ODP of zero, R290 is the most ecological refrigerant and does not impact the environment.

EFFICIENT > R290 offers a higher EER versus traditional alternatives, being pure it has no glide.

ECONOMICAL > Applying R290 avoids carbon taxes and benefits from local national incentives.

SAFE & RELIABLE > R290 is non toxic and only mildly flammable; it has been applied for over 100 years and is fully tried and tested.

FUTURE PROOF > R290 is exempt from HFC phase-out programs, consequently your chiller is future proof.


Each industrial application presents individual challenges. MTA’s expertise, perfected during 40 years in industry, offers every user a unique solution to their personal needs, perfectly integrated into their process.

Industrial cooling encompasses the precise and continuous temperature control of highly differing production processes, manufacturing tools, finished products, warehousing and
working environments.

MTA’s application expertise covers welding, filtration, material working, machine tools, lasers, food, beverages & alcohol. plastics, paper & printing, chemical & pharma, medical & healthcare, energy, electronics & electrics, transport & automotive, materials, gas treatment, technical air conditioning and many other applications.

MTA offers the ideal solution, the know-how to apply it and the ability to support every need for many years to come.


  • Completely natural refrigerant R290, the most ecological solution.
  • Unique evaporator mounted within the tank and designed for industry, ensuring reliable operation in even the most demanding industrial applications.
  • Non Ferrous hydraulic circuit, allowing fluids aggressive to carbon steel to be treated and maintaining maximum quality and cleanliness of the process fluid.
  • Eurovent certified performances, a unique feature for industrial chillers.
  • Reliable and robust: TAE chillers keep working whatever the conditions, for years on end.
  • Extended operating limits: liquid outlet temperatures from 0 °C up to +30 °C, ambient temperatures from +5 °C up to +45 °C.
  • All TAE N Mini models are ErP SEPR HT Tier 2 compliant.
  • Innovation which works: rotary compressors, microchannel condensers, microprocessor control technology.
  • Simple installation and compact dimensions, the robust structure with eyebolts allows easy movement of the unit.
  • Easy maintenance: a rational component layout, simple refrigerant circuit and fully numbered electrics simplify verifications and maintenance, which can even be performed with the unit running.

    Industrial chiller with natural refrigerant.
    Eurovent certified dedicated industrial chiller.
    Chiller with evaporator-in-tank technology.
    TAE: possibly the world’s favourite industrial chiller.


    MTA’s evaporator is a breakthrough in industrial applications, offering notable benefits and ensuring utmost peace of mind in even the most adverse and varying conditions.

    INTEGRATED > Innovative evaporator mounted inside the tank: compact, increased tank size, stable liquid temperature.

    INDUSTRIAL > Wide fin spacing resists water fouling: industrial and impure liquids pose no problems.

    INGENIOUS > 0 °C to +30 °C water outlet, delta T up to 10 °C.

    INVINCIBLE > Durable, long-lasting & dependable, many TAE units have been operating for well over 30 years.

    INVALUABLE > Non-ferrous liquid circuit allows operation under all conditions and in even the most demanding industries.

    INTELLECTUAL > Energy saving, low pressure drop, high water flows and minimal heat gain.

    tae n mini 03 2022 eng
    tae n mini 03 2022 eng

    Standard features

    • Refrigerant fluid R290 (GWP=3, ODP=0).
    • Hermetic rotary compressors.
    • High efficiency finned coil evaporator installed inside the storage tank, with copper tubes and aluminium fins.
    • Polyethylene coolant storage tank fitted with drain valve, filling and overflow connections and a visual level indicator.
    • Air-cooled aluminium microchannel condenser with protection coating and a removable metal mesh filter.
    • Peripheral non-ferrous P3 pump (3 barg nominal available head pressure).
    • Axial fan equipped with plastic material blades.


    • Peripheral non-ferrous P5 pump (5 barg nominal available head pressure).
    • Hydraulic sectioning system (M08-M10).
    • Industrial multipole connector (M08-M10).
    • Stainless steel frame.
    • Non ferrous atmospheric pressure hydraulic circuit with a 0-6 bar pressure gauge.
    • Water by-pass for safe continuous operation.
    • Hydraulic circuit compatible with glycol concentrations up to 30%.
    • High pressure switch with automatic reset.
    • Easy to use parametric microprocessor control.
    • Lamination device: capillary tube.
    • AC power plug for simple electrical connection.
    • Power supply: 230V/1Ph/50Hz.
    • Electrical protection grade IP33.


    • Hydraulic filter.
    • Automatic hydraulic by-pass.
    • Dynamic set point.
    • Antivibration mounts.
    • Wheels kit.

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