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iHCYGNUS TECH - Air cooled reversible heat pumps with inverter technology

Pompe de căldură reversibile dotate cu compresoare inverter cu R410A.

Capacitatea nominală de racire 6 – 44 kW, Capacitatea nominală de încălzire 6 – 50 kW

The full inverter air conditioning

The energy efficiency is an essential feature in residential, offices and light commercial buildings.

To meet this requirement, in combination with low noise emissions and extended operating limits, MTA recommends the iHCYGNUS TECH series with R410A refrigerant and all electrical motors with electronic commutation integrated.

In the rotary or scroll compressors, the inverter technology modulates the frequency, allowing to adjust the cooling capacity supplied according to the effective heat requirement, drastically decreasing the electrical power consumptions.

Seasonal efficiency levels are even more evident in heat pump mode, thanks to the integrated storage tank and to the detection system of the quantity of ice accumulating on the external coil, so that defrost cycles are performed only when necessary, thereby minimising the power consumption.


  • Compressors with BLDC motors and regulated by inverter which allows a capacity modulation from 20% to 100%;
  • All electrical motors with electronic commutation integrated (compressors, fans and circulators, if included);
  • Extremely low noise levels;
  • Extended operating limits;
  • Optimisation of heat pump defrosting cycles thanks to the exclusive Frost Detecting System;
  • Domestic hot water production up to +60 °C;
  • Domestic hot water option for external DHW three-way valve management;
  • Designed for installation in confined spaces;
  • Easy to use semi-graphic terminal;
  • Easy installation and simple access to all chiller components.


  • Remote user interface;
  • xWEB300D EVO for local or remote (GPRS) monitoring plus data filing based on WEB server technology;
  • EMC filters;
  • Antivibration mountings;
  • Condenser filters;
  • External 3-way valve kit for DHW (domestic hot water).

Standard Features

  • Refrigerant R410A;
  • Twin rotary inverter compressor (020-051) and scroll inverter compressor (081-211);
  • Compressor crankcase heater;
  • Finned tube condensing coils with hydrophilic coating;
  • Condensate collection tray with hose connection for condensing coils;
  • EC brushless axial fans;
  • Brazed stainless steel plate evaporator;
  • Threaded hydraulic connections directly accessible from the external of the unit;
  • Heat pumps with 2nd electronic expansion valve for performance optimisation in all operating conditions (models 081 to 211);
  • Protection grade IPX4;
  • Factory charged with refrigerant and non-freezing oil;
  • Inspections and tests performed in factory as per all MTA products and components;
  • RS485 ModBus interface for connection to supervisor systems.


  • Configuration without storage tank;
  • Medium head pressure circulators complete with EC motors;
  • Antifreeze heaters protection.

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