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hocean tech Pompe de încălzire cu compresoare rotative sau ermetice de tip scroll cu R410A 1

Pompe de încălzire cu compresoare rotative sau ermetice de tip scroll cu R410A.

Capacitatea nominală de racire 4 – 175 kW, Capacitatea nominală de încălzire 5 – 197 kW

The compact and low noise heat pump

Space availability and noise levels are critical factors for indoor heat pumps. HOCEAN TECH heat pumps can be installed literally anywhere, allowing easy transport and installation.

The fully enclosed and acoustically insulated design, with noise levels down to 30 dB(A), ensures unit operation is virtually imperceptible to occupants.

The optional storage and pump module, positioned next to the heat pump, transforms HOCEAN TECH into a packaged full-feature system, including a single easy to use microprocessor for simplest operation.

The robust industrial design featuring renowned components, unloading function and wide operating limits combine to offer guaranteed operation in all conditions.


  • Lowest noise levels, down to 30 dB(A), for installation in residential surroundings;
  • Extremely compact, allows installation just about anywhere;
  • Operates with water outlet temperatures from 0 °C to 20 °C;
  • Unloading function (model 200-600) allowing unit operation even in extreme conditions;
  • Robust design with high quality components from renowned international suppliers, fruit of MTA’s industrial background;
  • Eurovent certified performance;
  • Flexibility of use, sized for operation with water either from a tower or from a geothermal source;
  • Easy installation and complete access to all components;
  • Easy to use intuitive controller with dual icon display.

Standard features

  • Hermetic rotary (018-030), scroll (040-150) and twin scroll (200-600) compressors;
  • Single evaporator and brazed stainless steel plate condenser;
  • Factory charged with non-freezing oil and refrigerant;
  • IP22 electric protection rating;
  • Extensive inspections and tests performed on all units;
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A with zero ozone depletion potential;
  • Compressor crankcase heater;
  • Phase monitor against phase reversal.


  • Storage and pump module with a geometrical configuration allowing the two units to be mounted together;
  • High and low head pressure pumps;
  • Noise reducing compressor housing;
  • Condensing pressure control valve;
  • Antivibration dampers;
  • Soft starter;
  • Remote user interface;
  • RS485 MODBUS interface for connection to supervisor systems;
  • xWEB300DEVO remote supervision, allowing local or remote monitoring via a web server or a GPRS.

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