Hcygnus Tech - Pompe de încălzire cu compresoare ermetice rotative
Hcygnus Tech Pompe de încălzire cu compresoare ermetice rotative sau de tip scroll cu R410A

Pompe de încălzire cu compresoare ermetice rotative sau de tip scroll cu R410A.

Capacitatea nominală de încălzire 7– 65 kW

Intended for residential and commercial
air conditioning

Low noise operation of technical systems is essential for continuously occupied premises such as homes, offices and light-commercial buildings, where air conditioning units are usually placed
in close proximity to the users. In order to satisfy the specific comfort requirements of these type of premises, without compromising performance in all operating conditions, MTA recommends the HCygnus Tech series of reversible heat pumps with environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A.

The already very low noise levels have been further reduced by installing electronic fan speed controls, which run at lower speeds as cooling or heating demands decrease. Seasonal efficiency levels are even more evident in heat pump operation, with clear benefits in terms of climatic comfort, thanks to the integral storage tank and Frost Deteting System (FDS), designed to detect the quantity of ice accumulating on the external coil, so that defrost cycles are performed only when appropriate, thereby minimising the power consumption.


  • Extremely low noise levels;
  • Ideally suited to small and medium hydronic cooling systems;
  • Extended operating limits;
  • Optimisation of heat pump defrosting cycles thanks to the exclusive Frost Detecting System (FDS) (Minimum ambient temperature in heat pump mode = down to -10 °C);
  • Designed for installation in confined spaces;
  • Easy to use controller with icon-based dual display;
  • Easy access to all internal components.


  • Condensate collection tray with hose connection (models 020-071);
  • Replicated remote user display;
  • Serial card RS485 Modbus;
  • Supervision system xWEB300D EVO;
  • Soft starter;
  • Condenser air filters;
  • Antivibration mountings.

Standard Features

  • Refrigerant R410A;
  • Hermetic rotary compressor (mod.020), hermetic scroll compressor (mod.031-171) and double hermetic scroll compressor (mod.211-301);
  • Crankcase heater compressor;
  • Integrated hydronic module with pump, tank, expansion vessel, safety valve, filling/ drain valve, pressure gauge and automatic bleed valve;
  • Hydraulic threaded connections directly accessible from the exterior of the unit;
  • Brazed stainless steel plate evaporator;
  • Axial fans with electronic speed control;
  • Heat pumps with 2nd thermostatic valve for performance optimisation in all operating conditions (mod.131-301);
  • Electrical panel protection grade IPX4;
  • Phase monitor;
  • Factory charged with refrigerant and non-freezing oil;
  • Inspections and tests performed in factory as for all MTA products and components.


  • Configuration with storage tank;
  • Medium/low head pressure pump (depending on model);
  • Double pump (1 run/1 stand-by) (mod.081-301);
  • Anti-freeze heater on evaporator, pump and tank (if included).

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